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Birthday Cards


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    • Thank you, Lilian. I’m so pleased you like my site. I’m still building the site – it all takes time. Do come again and see how it progresses.

  1. Hey, Sally, these pix are great! I don’t suppose you can do this to order with photos supplied, can you? I guess you use Photoshop, but a lot of people can’t seem to do it as well as this. I can see these as really different birthday cards and the like. Very interesting idea.

    • Hello Grumbleweed! Thanks a lot – I was called “the Photoshop Queen” at my photography classes. Last year I took on a commission to update our town map digitally – a big job but very fulfilling, especially when I walk by the maps and I think, “I did that”. I really love playing with images and would be happy to take on commissions of this nature. You can always get in touch with me on this site and I do not have to publish your request or my reply if you prefer.

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