The Innocent Flirt Down Under  – by Sally Porch

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My foray into the literary world began in 2012 with The Innocent Flirt Down Under, a humorous story about the adventures and misadventures of a vivacious woman who embarks on a break from her usual life as a professional artist, wife and mother in England to return to Australia, the land of her birth. Our heroine is a natural born flirt – she just can’t help herself – even though she’s happily married (“married – not dead!”). Beginning at Heathrow Airport, she takes the reader into her confidence for the duration of her three month solo trip. Her travels put her in the thick of all manner of unexpected events and fascinating people, much to her delight – and her husband’s consternation!

Our “Innocent Flirt” visits haunts, old and new. With great humour and sometimes a little pathos, she reveals glimpses of her past life, from memories of a “Huckleberry Finn” type of childhood in the bush to experiences of lost loves in early adulthood. She even takes us on several detours of pure fantasy along the way.

She also shares with us some tantalisingly close encounters with various eager members of the opposite sex, testing to the full our girl’s resolve to stay on the straight and narrow! Try as she might – and she doesn’t try all that hard – she can’t seem to help attracting interest from men of all sorts, young and old. Just how is an innocent flirt supposed to behave?

At 106,000 words, “The Innocent Flirt Down Under” is a good read. Sally’s long-awaited first major book is amusing and involving throughout; it is peppered with meaningful and witty observations, and gives a heart-warming insight into a normal woman’s perspective on Life and Love. It should strike a happy note of recognition in both men and women alike.

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Beautiful Bella (Kindle Edition only but soon to become available in paperback)

“Beautiful Bella” is a short story (15,000 words) about dogs by someone who thinks that she isn’t a “dog person”. She recalls with humour some of the many unfortunate experiences throughout her life that have led her to this conclusion. Then, of course, she meets Bella and everything changes.
Set in the sub-tropical hinterland of Queensland’s Sunshine Coast, the story takes the reader through the development of a loving friendship between woman and dog. Dramatic events strengthen the growing bonds between the pair. It is all about finding the finest human virtues in a dog and is something of a love story.

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