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Shell Cove House – Large and Miniatures


The Oriental Collection

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  1. Sally, someone told me you painted a series of studies of North African Berber people a few years’ back. We couldn’t see some of these on your website, could we? And are you thinking of selling prints from the site at some stage? I imagine the website is still somewhat “in the making”, but I’ll be watching it’s progress with interest. Good luck!

    • Hello Ernesto – great name – you sound very sincere! Yes, indeed, that was a very successful series for me. I’m flattered that you remember them, of course, those Berber brides were very beautiful. I believe they were all sold but there may be some prints available. At this stage of my site development I’m not quite ready to offer paintings and prints for sale – have to work out the best way to go about it – but keep watching this space (as they say). Thank you for your interest and for reminding me. I’ll see if I can find photographs of the “Imilchil Wedding Fair Brides” and add them to my Art section (if I can remember how).

    • Hello Babette,
      Thank you for your inquiry. I have just arrived in Spain for a two week holiday and I’m struggling to reply to you on my Kindle, which isn’t allowing me to send emails at present – so frustrating – hence, this rather unorthodox method of replying to you when I have your email address!
      I wonder if you could bear with me until I can get to a normal computer and send you an email directly? I have several prints, in different sizes, of Cockwood Harbour; some are Giclee prints and prices vary. I have also original paintings. I will tell you more when I can get to a computer. Will be in touch soon – it would be easier to discuss things when I get home.

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